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 Rumor: ZPack PS3 Backup System (ISO Loader)?

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Rumor: ZPack PS3 Backup System (ISO Loader)? Empty
MessaggioTitolo: Rumor: ZPack PS3 Backup System (ISO Loader)?   Rumor: ZPack PS3 Backup System (ISO Loader)? EmptyMer Gen 06, 2010 7:37 pm

Well its 2010, and what a better way to start of the new year with another ISO Loader video. So what exactly is ZPack?

Rumor: ZPack PS3 Backup System (ISO Loader)? Picture

Here is the description by the creator:

I found this in my holiday in Korea, there are PS3 cafes which run their games from external harddisk without using the original disks. I am one of the first who tested this Zpack System.

Zpack is the first working Backup System for PlayStation 3. It was especially designed for PlayStation Cafes across the world to avoid damaging your original game disk and beware them to be stolen by customers. You will not need the original disk to play on your PS3 anymore just start any game you have directly from your external hard disk.

Zpack comes to you with a USB Dongle and a DISK with the Zpack Software, which you only need the first time for installation. The USB dongle have to be connected to your PS3 all the time. When you run a PlayStation Cafe with 8 PlayStation Terminals, you will need 8 Zpacks for each PS3 Terminal to run the games from the external drives. Please pay Attention for our Zpack bundles.

There are also two videos demonstrating this new loader:

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Rumor: ZPack PS3 Backup System (ISO Loader)?
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